Samson Hydraulic Patch Fitting

PRL’s innovative Samson hydraulic door patch fittings offer an exciting design alternative to overhead and traditional floor spring closers for interior, pivoting, all-glass doors.

Traditional floor spring closers require digging to create a recess in concrete floors to attach a closing device. With PRL’s Samson bottom door patch fitting the hydraulic closer is built into the bottom fitting and is designed to be mounted without a concrete recess. Thus, PRL’s innovative design eliminates the need for digging and allows quick, easy, and cost effective installation on tempered glass doors.

This heavy duty hydraulic bottom door patch fitting features a 5 lb. opening force, adjustable opening and closing speeds, 90º/ 105º hold or no-hold options, and is non-handed. All expertly fabricated in-house you’re assured a top quality product.

While slightly larger than the standard Euro fitting the Samson still boasts a minimal profile size and offers the perfect solution for interior home or office doors where conventional closers are not suitable. With the hydraulic closing device’s concealed installation in a smart, compact, design PRL affords you a cleaner, more streamlined, profile for your all-glass doors and entrances.  For more information click here

Technical Details

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